Thursday, 09 December 2021

How to know if your neighbors interfere with the WiFi of your house

Whenever we have connection problems at home, either because the WiFi is slower than normal or it cuts every two by three while we are telecommuting or watching a Netflix series, we tend to blame our operator, but this is not always the case. 

Perhaps the problem is not the router or the contracted speed, but the interference with the WiFi networks of the neighbors of our block. These interferences are causing the quality of your wireless network to decrease, making the connection more unstable and running slower than normal. What should we do to detect the problem and avoid it?

Channel map of your router 

To find out what is the factor that is causing us problems, we must check the connections of the different channels of our WiFi network. If any of the channels is saturated by the connections of the WiFi networks of the neighbors, or has interference from other nearby channels, our connection will suffer speed problems.



Therefore, first of all, we have to make a map of the general situation of the WiFi channels of our router to see which ones are freer or more saturated and to know if there are any that offer us less or more interference. 

It is best to do it room by room, since the connection is not the same in all rooms of the house, it often varies depending on the proximity of the router. To search for these channels and check interference, we need to download an application. Signal Strength, Fing - Network Scanner and WiFi Analyzer are some of the tools that will show you which channels are free and which ones are full of connections and interference.

Change the channel of your WiFi network

Once we have checked the most saturated channels, we must change the current channel to the one with the least interference to maintain a good browsing speed. Routers usually choose the available channel automatically, so we have to change it manually.

How to change the channel of your WiFi network? 

  1. Enter the router through the link through any browser.

  2. Enter the username and password for access, which are usually admin/admin, 1234/1234 or a combination of both. If they are not, you can look for the generic password of the routers of your specific operator.

  3. Once inside the link, in the configuration section, click on the ' Network ' option in the column.

  4. Select the name of your wireless network.

  5. Go to the ' Channel ' box.

  6. Select the least saturated channel, and that we have previously checked through the application.

  7. Una vez elegido el canal, pulsa 'Submit' para que se apliquen los cambios.




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