Thursday, 08 December 2022

Privacy Policy

NOCPERU respects your privacy. NOCPERU does not sell, rent or give any personally identifiable information regarding its members to any third party unless the member has subscribed to such services by the correct means. Any information you give us is held with extreme care and security.
You will never receive any spam emails or postal mail as a result of the information that a NOCPERU has given. And you can choose to reject or stop receiving any of the lists or categories of the notice at any time by following the procedures established by NOCPERU. However, it is possible that you may receive an email by accident, although this is very rare.
When you register as a client or member in NOCPERU, you must register your name, email, address and your website information so that you can correctly install your account and send you the relevant information to which you have requested or subscribed. By registering as a member of NOCPERU, you agree to accept this privacy policy and are aware that our policy may change at any time. This policy will always be available for users and members to read.

NOCPERU - DATA CENTER, is the first corporate data center dedicated to companies, a robust and stable system developed with fiber optic connectivity and operated by the highest international standards.

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