Thursday, 09 December 2021

We already have a Linux distro disguised as Windows 11: Windowsfx traces every last icon of the new system

Some time ago in Genbeta we talked about Windowsfx, a somewhat strange Linux distribution that does everything possible to be a Windows 10 clone. Its advantage, in addition to allowing you to install it even on a Raspberry Pi, is the obvious: its interface it looks a lot, but a lot, like Windows.

Now, although it is in preview (just like Windows 11), we already have a Windowsfx 11: a distro based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS that uses KDE as its desktop environment. Thanks to the latter, the customization of the theme they use has been able to go so far and look so much like the next Microsoft system.

From LinuxFX to Windowsfx

Windowsfx 11 is based on the same distro as Windowsfx 10: LinuxFX, a project that was born a long time ago but has changed a lot over time. The code for this distro is not public and they only offer ISO downloads through SourceForge.

Although the distro and all its functions are free, they also offer a paid version whose license costs $20, and with which they offer OneDrive file management, Microsoft Active Directory, voice assistant with Google Assistant technology, and support. from the developer.

Windowsfx comes with Wine 6 included so that users can use most executables (.exe) of Windows programs, although this does not guarantee that they will all work or correctly.

This system is interesting at least from the point of view of the interface and how well it mimics the look of Windows 11, but it also leaves me some doubts. It is probably the fact that it is a closed project that causes me the most some distrust, when you want to plant as an alternative to Windows and it really doesn't have much reputation on which to sustain itself in the community unlike other options such as Zorin OS for example.



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