Thursday, 09 December 2021

Windows 10 for life and original for only 12 euros at CDKeysales

Windows 11 is coming out shortly and as such, only those who have a genuine Windows 10 license will be able to make the leap without having to checkout with Microsoft. So before our time comes, why not get a totally original, lifetime license for a small fee? With CDKeysales we will have it for only 12.36 euros.

Don't get caught, Windows 10 is on sale and Office too!



Microsoft is lately very demanding with all the hardware and software requirements and in a statement by its executive vice president, he made it really clear: if we do not have the original Windows 10 we will not be able to update to Windows 11, directly nor will we have the option available from Windows Update.

As we will already know and have guessed, Windows 11 will not be exactly cheap to start with, since those of Redmond are going to get the maximum profitability out of it before companies like CDKeysales get hold of original keys and knock them down the business of the century. Hopefully it will not be long until then, but if you want to ensure a valid key, you better check this, since we offer you a 30% discount by applying the code HZ25 before purchase:

How to activate our Windows 10 license on our PC?



It may seem like a complicated step, but it is not at all. We will simply have to have in our email the key that the CDKeysales guys will provide us and with that we will go to Windows Settings.

To get there, just right-click on the Windows icon in the taskbar and click on "Settings". A window will open with many parameters, but we will only have to go to the update and security section.

Once inside this section on the left we will see a series of options among which is Activation, we will click on it. After that we will only have to click activate now and a small window like the one in the image below will open:



In that blank space we will enter the password that CDKeysales has provided us and we will give the next one. Windows will connect with Microsoft's servers to validate the license, after which we will have a success message confirming that Windows has been activated.



So easy and so simple, there is no excuse to enter the new world of Microsoft.



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