Thursday, 09 December 2021

Windows 11 offers better performance than Windows 10 on the same PC: Microsoft explains the improvements that make it possible

Windows 11, Microsoft's new operating system, is limited when it comes to compatible computers. With very specific hardware to use, Microsoft now explains why the computers that install it offer better performance compared to Windows 10.

It was through a Microsoft Mechanics video in which Steve Dispensa, Microsoft vice president, explains that Windows 11 runs more fluidly than Windows 10, [even on older computers] ( (that are compatible). improvements seen in the performance of foreground applications, browsers, startup and even updates.

A more optimized system

According to Dispensa, Microsoft has worked on different aspects that make Windows 11 run more smoothly. In this sense, they have made improvements in memory management so that the system prioritizes better performance in the windows that are in the foreground, with a greater consumption of system resources.

This improvement to foreground elements also applies to other elements. Both the Windows shell and the open tabs in Microsoft Edge are now more agile. In the case of the latter, thanks to the Sleeping Tabs function, an operating system that offers an average saving of 32% for memory and 37% for CPU use, which translates into a longer duration of the battery.

It also states that with the same hardware, a Windows 11 computer should come out of sleep mode faster than when it was using Windows 10. The reason, he explains, is that "calls to hardware components that need to be turned on have been optimized for overall better memory management".

In addition, and already in reference to the software, "the starvation in the key processing threads has been reduced so that energy is conserved for the threads that really need it". This means that for example, Windows Hell should be up to 30% faster and teams should start up with less delay.

All of these improvements also affect Windows 11 software updates, which should be up to 40% lighter. This is possible thanks to a system that makes Windows-only download the necessary files from Microsoft's servers, something that incidentally translates into less bandwidth consumption.

Windows 11 can already be tested either in the Dev Channel, the most advanced, or in the Beta Channel (the most conservative). It is only necessary to have the compatible hardware to access without restrictions to all the news offered by a Window 11 that will reach users on October 5.



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