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Is your Internet connection slower than the contracted speed?

It has been proven that many users cannot enjoy the speed standard that they have contracted with various Internet companies. Some are suspicious of this problem but do not know how to confirm it or how to proceed in such a case.

How do you know if your Internet connection is slow?

Today, there are multiple free online speed tests that allow Internet users to check their actual browsing speed from home.

How to use a speed test?

In order to obtain a reliable result when performing the analysis with a speed test, it is necessary to: 

  • Use a reliable speed test.

  • Connect via Ethernet cable to the router.

  • Disconnect all WiFi devices.

  • Close all windows, programs and apps.

  • Open a single window in the browser (speedtest).

  • Take no action during the scan.

  • Contrast the results of a speedtest with those of others.



What slows down the Internet connection?

There are certain parameters that decrease the level of coverage within the home and this leads to a slowdown in Internet service at home. Some can be avoided and others cannot, but you must know them to take it into account: 

  • Being physically too far from the router.

  • Very thick walls cause signals to be lost.

  • Adverse weather conditions.

  • Bad router configuration when installing.

  • Wireless connection instead of wired.

  • A large number of connected WiFi devices.

  • Use content downloaders.

  • WiFi signal theft or security issues.

When can you claim for connection speed?

According to the rights of telecommunications users, the minimum guaranteed Internet speed must appear in the contract with the company before claiming for having an Internet connection slower than the contracted speed.



What to do in case of service slowdown?

If, after performing the speed test on several web pages, values ​​well below the acceptable ones for the Internet upload and/or download speed are detected, the consumer normally following logical order: 

  1. Restart the router and follow the recommendations to improve the connection speed within the home.

  2. Contact the company that provides the service to comment on the problem and be attended to by the technical service (in the event of a fault) or to request a speed adjustment.

  3. Resort to the public entity OAUT (Office of Attention to the User of Telecommunications): in the case of considering that an injustice or speed blocking has been committed on purpose by the Internet company.

How can you contact the OAUT?

You can contact the OAUT by phone by calling 911814045 / 901336699 or through the official website from here. to file a claim in case the Internet connection is slower than the contracted speed standard.

The OAUT is a service available to all consumers that is attached to the Secretary of State for Telecommunications (Ministry of Economic Affairs), carrying out an extrajudicial process at not cost to resolve conflicts between operators and users. Among its many functions, it is responsible for the following:  

  • Complaints about slow internet connection.

  • Billing errors with telecommunications companies.

  • Difficulties to do portability or cancel a service. 

Throughout 2020, more than 25,000 complaints were received from users of many companies, of which more than 70% obtained a favorable response to the consumer while 30% were for the operator.



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