Saturday, 13 August 2022

Windows 11 is filtered: this is the Start menu, File Explorer and more of the supposed successor of Windows 10

They have been giving us clues and finally, it seems that it is real, Windows 11 will come to replace Windows 10. The new generation operating system has been leaked in a short video in which we can see the build for developers. Likewise, screenshots of the Start menu or the control panel, among others, circulate on social networks.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, announced that next week Microsoft will announce "one of the most important developments in Windows in the last decade". If you were referring to this new operating system, you were not on the wrong track. In this new version, there is a complete redesign that updates the interface and adds new functionalities.

What features will Windows 11 have according to the leaks

In Genbeta they have compiled a series of characteristics that can be seen in the filtered Windows 11 as a result of the screenshots and videos that have been published on the Internet both on social networks and on media that have accessed the operating system.

First of all we can see how the new interface and the Start menu in particular look a lot like what was originally expected from Windows 10X, now already canceled. We see how the taskbar collects all the icons in the center and a new button is added to access the Start menu.



In the Start menu the classic Live Tiles have disappeared and in their place we have a grid of icons next to recent files and the option to turn off the device. It is an initial and final version, so everything is not finished and included yet, but it also seems that the Start menu is going to be much simpler than Windows 10. For the rest, it is remarkable how the windows have corners rounded and leave behind the pointy style of Windows 10 and Windows 8. Speaking of windows, the new version seems to include an option to automatically adjust split-screen windows in two apps, three apps or four apps.



Other aspects that do not seem very developed yet are the Microsoft Store, a store that is expected to be completely updated. In very early versions there is also the new widget system, which aims to replace Live Tiles. In it when loaded it shows information about the weather, news and more.

Finally, there are new wallpapers that you can now download, a dark mode, and a new startup sound.



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