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The VPN is blocked and I cannot connect: How to fix this problem

Using a VPN is very common today. We can use them on desktop computers, as well as mobile devices. We have many free and paid options. They allow us to bypass geographical restrictions, protect our connection when browsing from public networks and also improve privacy. However, sometimes problems can arise and one of them is that they block the VPN and we cannot connect to a website. This is something that some pages carry out and can hinder the proper functioning of these programs.

Some sites block the use of VPN

Although it is not something that happens very frequently or that is present on many websites, it is true that it is a problem that we can find. We try to access an online service and see that it blocks our VPN. This prevents us from browsing normally. We could not use that program and we would have to disable it momentarily in order to enter.

An example of what we mention can be found when entering a web page and requesting a reCAPTCHA to verify that we are a person and not a bot. This could also show up when doing a Google search.

This fact that we mentioned can be annoying. We try to navigate normally and every so often a message appears to verify that we are not a bot. This occurs because we are browsing through a VPN and that site or service we visit is suspicious.

But this problem can even go further. We could find ourselves unable to enter a web page. That domain could block access to our VPN and make it impossible for us to access in any way. A significant drawback, of course.



Why does a website or service detect that we use a VPN?

At this point, we will wonder why a web page that we are trying to visit or a service where we are trying to log in detects that we are browsing from a VPN and blocks the connection or shows us reCAPTCHA.

Usually, this happens because we share the IP address with other users and it has been blacklisted. This prevents us from being able to navigate normally. It could also detect the VPN service we are using, the servers we are connected to.

All this could cause the connection to be blocked and that, ultimately, we cannot navigate normally. Keep in mind that VPNs generally use known data centers to host their servers. This makes it possible to find out the ranges of IP addresses that you use.

Also, some widely used services such as Google or Netflix could detect proxy servers due to a large amount of traffic they have to handle. This makes it possible for them to detect suspicious IP addresses. They would not allow us to navigate properly and we would not be able to enter websites or use any program.

How to avoid being blocked for using a VPN

As we have seen, we may have problems browsing the Internet or using certain services on the network and we may be blocked. However, we can take into account some simple actions to prevent this from happening and not have problems on the Internet.

Choose another server

Normally VPNs allow us to connect to different servers. They may have from different countries, something that is very useful to always choose the one that best suits what we need, the one that can offer us the best performance. In fact, we can say that it is one of the most important conditions for a program of this type to be good and can be an option to consider.

The first step would be to choose a different server. In this way we will have another IP address, in case it has been blocked for any reason. So we can try to enter a web page or any platform that we use. We may even have thousands of servers available to choose from.

Inform the website that we use a VPN

It could happen that a website or service we are trying to access blocks our access because it suspects that we are not a legitimate user. Let's take as an example that we try to enter a bank account or social network and we are connected from a VPN with a foreign IP. They might think we are an intruder and are blocking access for security.

Therefore, to avoid this we would simply have to contact that website, that banking application or the service that we use so that they take into account that we are trying to connect from a VPN but that we are the legitimate user.

Try an alternative VPN

Those that are most used, those with more facilities and users, are the ones that may also have more problems in this regard. We could be blocked from entering a certain page if we are using a very popular service. Hence, we can simply choose to install a different tool.

Luckily there are a lot of options on the Internet. We can use these programs on both desktop and mobile computers. We simply have to choose a different alternative, one that is less used or that inspires us more confidence. Perhaps in this way we can navigate normally, without being blocked when trying to access a web page or open an application.

Paying for a quality VPN

Generally, free VPNs are the ones that present the most problems in this regard. We share the IP address with other users and also the service may not be the best and generate problems such as being blocked on certain pages.

This makes our advice to pay for a quality VPN. We will improve performance, but also security and privacy when browsing. This way we will avoid problems that put our data at risk.

In short, in the event that a web page or program blocks our access for using a VPN, these are some questions that we must take into account. We have explained why this could happen, but we have also given some possible solutions that may be interesting. The goal is to be able to navigate normally and not have problems.



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