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NOCPERU is located in the South American region of Trujillo, Peru. It was designed and tested by our experienced engineers who assisted in defining our high product standards for stability and reliability.


Our connectivity is based on fiber optics with a network linked via a strong backbone in USA, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Central America. The interconnection topology is based on Carrier Ethernet networks 10 GE ring North, East, West and South to guarantee a stable interconnection to 99.9% UPTIME and customer demand may increase the connection speed immediately as needed. Also, we are part of the Registration Internet Addresses for Latin America and Caribbean: LACNIC.


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As an organization grows, its needs of services for internet usage becomes more demanding and complex, bringing the realization that web hosting sharing no longer supports the requirements of our customers and suppliers. As usage increases, sites or systems begin to slow down when many users connect and available processing functions may be preset, thus limiting accessibility and placing a greater dependence on the provider to install updates or new features. This is the time where an organization would strongly consider the benefit of utilizing a dedicated server that could be customized to their individual needs.

Multiple Variations exist for the dedicated servers. In general we divide them into 3 different principal variations, of which it can be given of the other ones. Based on these we can find the rental of the dedicated servers, the purchasing of the dedicated servers and the placement of the servers.


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Cabinet space colocation for servers
Dedicated Servers HP Sales
Connecting to the Internet network
Ip's - dedicated IPv4 and IPv6
Monitoring and Support 24/7
Power Backup
Redundancy across our network.


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For the business category of high demand and corporate have the option to Cabinets colocations for 42U Full and Half Cabinet. These cabinets are equipped with UPS backup and network connection Internet on demand.

We have the following options:

  • Full and Half Cabinets in common space.
  • Full Cabinets in private space.
  • Full Cabinets with private connection to the network.


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