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Your Staff uses cloud-based services to share sensitive company data with vendors, customers, partners and others. Share data with their mobile devices and personal pc's, all in an effort to get the work: faster, easier and safer.

Organizations that have in house servers, are in a constant dilemma of upgrading their security policy and procedures to maintain sensitive data, must follow stringent regulatory guidelines, are vulnerable to electrical miscues, and subject to systematic loss of information thru viruses or system crash. All of which can have a varied negative economic effect to a company, its clients and associates.

Cloud Computing

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Easy file sync and sharing - ownCloud provides drag and drop access files through the local file system or a web browser, simple point and click. Share and intuitive access to files on mobile devices.

Complete control - servers and storage ownCloud are in place allowing IT departments to have full secure control to manage monitor and govern the users activities based on your company’s policy.

Protect and manage  - IT controls servers and guarantees that all files are stored - locally leveraging existing storage thru the new cloud storage private or hybrid storage services.

owncloud integrates perfectly with any existing authentication, authorization,governance, security, monitoring, back-up, and provisioning tools, policies and procedures.

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Powered blade systems is used exclusively for your business. This solution is designed for companies that handle large amounts of information and the primary purpose is service storage. 

It's easy to use as DropBox Access and share your data

  • Store your documents on a server of your choice and access your mobile, desktop, or web browser Share documents with external partners.
  • administrators can enable anonymous uploads for users, in addition to the existing password options expiration publicly shared folders, can provide for anonymous uploads folders you choose to share what the collaboration with partners and contractors now is much easier, but managed, fully connected and audited by IT Recovering a deleted file through the web interface, simply select the bin files and return to where they were disposed of, with versions maintained File versions.
  • versions includes an intelligent algorithm that automatically stops previous version if the disk space is need.

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